Cocaine Addiction Treatment

The need for cocaine addiction treatment is increasing throughout the United States and has been steadily on the rise since the 1980’s. Treatment facilities have found that addiction to cocaine is the second most common addiction in the United States, and these individuals are often multiple users, or addicted to more than one substance.  One of the most common substances used along with cocaine is alcohol, and this combination has the probability of becoming life-threatening.  Each method of ingestion creates its own set of negative health effects for the user, and prolonged use can result in death.

The widespread use of cocaine and addiction has lead to increased efforts of cocaine addiction treatment facilities to dedicate staff and resources to the treatment of cocaine addiction. Cocaine abuse and addiction is a problem that is very complex and leads to changes in the brain that can become permanent such as decreased cognitive skills and poor memory.  Continued abuse of the drug causes problems with family, friends, employment and financial stability.  When addiction is combined with emotional or physical health problems, the treatment methods must be comprehensive in order to address each of these specific aspects of the addiction.

Some of the treatment methods offered include counseling, exercise classes, skills training, massage therapy, yoga, martial arts, nutritional guidance, meditation, and many more.  Clients can choose traditional, holistic, or faith-based treatment programs depending on their beliefs and preferences in order to create an effective, individualized program.

The best treatment programs include protocols designed to strengthen the individual physically while also providing skills and strategies for renewed self-confidence and relapse prevention. A residential program is the most effective because it offers a secure environment with round-the-clock supervision by trained addiction specialists. Through addressing the entire addiction and treating the whole person, cocaine addiction treatment offers the best chance for lasting recovery.

Cocaine Addiction Information