Cocaine Names

Considering the many cocaine slang names in use today.

This article might be able to help many readers become familiarized with many of the cocaine slang names in common use today. Even when somebody knows that a loved one is addicted to a life destroying substance, they might not know which substance it is. Learning the slang names of many popular drugs is one of the more effective ways to spot which substance a loved one might be abusing; this is especially true when considering that a loved one is likely to use this terminology at one point or another.

When dealing with cocaine, it is important to remember that there are primarily two types of coke. Regular cocaine is in a powdered (or ion) form and is snorted by the user. Freebase cocaine, on the other hand, has been chemically altered to a solid rock form. This rock is then smoked by the user to produce a similar effect to what a snorter might get. Rock cocaine is popular among many street vendors as it can be diluted with various other ingredients (such as baking soda), and it is therefore, cheaper for the vendor to produce.

For the powdered form of cocaine the terms, “powder” and “snow” are actually quite popular. Both of these slang terms trace directly back to the fact that a user is dealing with a white colored powder. Sometimes the fairy book reference, “Snow White” will be used. “Nose candy” is very commonly used to refer to powdered cocaine as well.

The rock-based cocaine has its own, unique set of slang that is used when referring to it. “Crack” and “rock”, are both used commonly as well as the joint term, “crack rock”. The term “base” is commonly used to refer these products since they are in a free base form. Becoming familiarized with all of these cocaine slang names might be a good idea, whether or not somebody suspects a loved one of using, since this drug is very dangerous; it is also sadly, very popular.

Cocaine Slang Names

  • Coke
  • Blow
  • Big C
  • Dust
  • Line
  • Rail
  • Snow
  • Powder
  • Stash
  • Pearl
  • Bump

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