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Facing a Cocaine Problem

Other than at a drug rehabilitation center, the cocaine problem around the world has been overshadowed by a host of other drug addictions, such as prescription drugs.

The long-term effects of cocaine can vary. However, the most common physical symptoms of cocaine addiction are blurred vision, respiratory failure, seizures, heart problems, stroke, weight loss, increased heart rate and a host of other severe physical problems.

Along with the physical symptoms of cocaine abuse come the psychological effects of the drug. You may exhibit hallucinations, mood swings, irritability, and paranoia.

Cocaine Addiction Affects Relationships

One of the main problems with cocaine is the short-term side effects, such as increased alertness and energy. You will find yourself requiring more of the drug to sustain those short-term effects. As you use the drug more often, your body will build up a tolerance and need more of the substance to feel those short-term effects. this will lead to many of the long-term effects mentioned earlier.

The biggest problem with this type of addiction is the negative effects it will have on your relationships. The craving for this substance can lead to undesirable behaviors, such as lying, stealing from others, including friends and family, or cheating.

Finding yourself faced with this addiction will require you to enter our drug rehabilitation center. Our experienced staff has been successful with many of our past clients that have been addicted to this drug. You will enter our inpatient facility so you can learn the tools and skills required to recover from this addiction.

Recovery is Possible With Our Help

You will not be able to face this challenge on your own. All you need is the supervision and teaching of our drug rehabilitation center staff. You will be surrounded with a support system at our drug rehabilitation center that will help your recover from your cocaine problem.

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